When I started the Idle Hours Company the world was in lockdown, as it is as I write this. On the emergence of society after this pandemic, I am with the group wishing things won’t go back to to the way things were. What was so great about how things were before? I would confess to wanting to see my friends and family, wanting to hug, wanting to share experiences with hoards of people. But I don’t think we should go back to flying everywhere, shipping food around the world, exploiting labor workforces in far away places.

Much of the inspiration for this project come from movements like Arte Util and the movement behind Dadaism. Arte Util is defined as useful art. From this I take the activism behind the making as an act for creating positive change in the direction we want to go. From Dadaism, I take the play and the gathering together of people to create the world around them.

Productive output and growth were the measurements of success and most highly regarded before the pandemic. Dawdlism is about leisure output and degrowth. Can we save the world’s resources by simply making less, but better. And instead of manufacturing marvels in far off places, loving beauty in the imperfection of our neighbors’ craft. Who further is doing this with joy and not to necessarily earn a living.

We all must make to get by in this world. To be of service and to be useful. But it’s not simply making money. It is creating value.

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